Swimming while Diapered

It’s summer time and taking a dip in the cool water is on my mind.

If you aren’t able to remove your diaper to swim, there are a few different options to explore.

Swim Diapers

Swim diapers have waterproofing on the outside and soft synthetic cloth in the inside that stays comfortable when wet. Swim diapers don’t usually have much absorbency and don’t keep the water out very well either. They are just meant to contain solid waste or hold a small pad in the pants for temporary protection.

Tight PUL Diaper Cover

A Polyurethane (PUL) cover with tight leg and waist bands can hold a disposable or cloth diaper inside securely as long as it has a good fit. This is the cheapest and easiest to find option.

Latex Pants

While tight and more fragile than the other options, latex pants are the surest way to keep diapers protected while submerged in water. They can keep a tight seal while moving around in the water. Getting a perfectly comfortable fit can take some stretching and adjustment but the security will be well worth it.

One thought on “Swimming while Diapered

  1. Soggypants says:

    I can’t wear a swim diaper all the way to the pool and there is no place to change at any of the pools close to me, from a wheelchair, so I prefer to keep my diapers on while I swim. That’s what I have always done. Just test your diapers in the bathtub, making sure they fully expand and without coming off or falling apart.

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