Baby Wipes

The most convenient way to clean your diaper area is to use baby wipes. But which ones should you choose? Depending on your size, wipes made for babies might work just fine. But some people find that sanitary wipes made for adults work a lot better because they are larger and thicker. And then there’s a third category of over-sized baby wipes.

Sophisticated Packaging for a Simple Product

Baby wipe packaging is bewildering. Wipes come in dispensers, as refill packs that have to be put into your old dispenser, or in packs that are both disposable¬† and resealable. Sometimes you can get away with putting one brand’s packs in another’s dispenser and sometimes you can’t. When trying a new brand, try to avoid refills unless they say they can be closed up and re-used without a dispenser.

Soooo Many Choices

Is there such a thing as too many choices? Maybe! To make it less overwhelming, we only cover brands we have tried or have heavily researched below.


Classic Baby Wipes

These typically come in scented and unscented hypoallergenic varieties. Since you can buy these in any store, you can try a few and see which ones you like. Some of them have babyish scents while others have “clean” scents like cucumber. It often takes 3 or more baby wipes to fully clean an adult’s diaper area so you have to choose between being more babyish and being more practical.

HUGGIES One and Done Refreshing Baby Wipes – These are the cucumber scented ones. On the one hand, you get a TON of them for a low price. If you are the kind of person who likes pulling out fist fulls of wipes and going to town, these are a guilt-free way to do that. On the other hand, they feel a bit flimsy and small. The scent did grow on me but I still don’t love it. Thankfully they also have other scents.

Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Free and Clear – These are fairly strong unscented wipes that get the job done. They are designed to fit inside a dispenser but they also work alone using a strong tape closure. You do have to be extra careful when closing it up. I found that the packaging tends to wrinkle when you seal it which leaves little gaps for moisture to escape.


Over Sized Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Water Baby Wipes РThese wipes are thicker and larger than Pampers other wipes. They have no scent and hold up pretty well.  The packaging is re-usable without a dispenser but you have to be really careful when sealing and unsealing the plastic tape. Best used with a dispenser.

Adult Sized Wipes

Some adult diaper brands (NorthShore Supreme, Medline) make adult incontinence wipes and major home product brands make “cleansing” wipes. They are generally larger and more durable than baby wipes and have little or no scent. We haven’t tried them yet so we can’t say how different they are from jumbo sized baby wipes.

The humorously named DUDE Wipes are trying hard to make wipes masculine. We haven’t tried them, but these over-sized flushable wipes looks good despite the funny marketing.