Diaper Makers

Here’s a list of all the manufactures we know of to date. Many of these companies make several kinds of adult diapers.

ABDL-Focused Manufactures

ABUniverse (a.k.a. ABU)

This manufacture tends towards designing extra thick diapers with all-over printed designs. They are known for having some of the highest capacities and are one of a growing numbers of manufactures who offer babyfur themed prints.


They are an ageplay-focused company with several cartoon-character covered white diaper designs. Their diaper quality is good but their main selling point is their looks.

Bambino Diapers (a.k.a The Bottom Half Group)

This company was the first to make and sell diapers especially for ABDLs in 2006. They still make good quality diapers and now have many designs and thicknesses.


Makers of the Fabine, a very thick diaper that comes in many solid colors.

Crinklz (by Thrust Vector)

Makers of one of the highest capacity diapers in existence. They also have a big emphasis on cute furry characters made by a popular babyfur artist.

Diaper Connoisseur (DC)

Another maker of bright solid colored diapers. Their designs were some of the brightest and boldest when they were first released.

Rearz Inc.

This manufacture makes several bold designs including some with colorful cartoons on a solid background.

Tykables (formerly Snuggies)

Known for thoughtfully constructed and fitted diapers. Tykables diapers include wrap-around designs and a good compromise between thickness and practicality for daily wear.

Incontinence-Focused Manufactures

This list would be endless if we include all the store brands and institutional manufactures. Instead, we only list manufactures that are popular with ABDLs.


Before there were diapers for ABDLs, these were the best available. They offer many different thicknesses for every price-point and can be found at many online retailers. However, the plastic-backed versions are slowly being phased out in favor of cloth backing.


Makers of ConfiDry 24/7, a very thick and crinkly plain white diaper. Their plastic has a unique feel.

NorthShore Care

This online retailer started making their own diapers. They try to make them as affordable as possible while still functioning very well. Their “MegaMax” line is one of the bulkiest and most absorbent diapers on the market.

Molicare (by HARTMANN USA)

Their signature purple color makes them very recognizable. This line of diapers is unremarkable compared to today’s ABDL brands but they are inexpensive and relatively easy to find.

Tena (by Essity)

This large European manufacture makes a particularly comfortable and absorbent diaper, the Tena Slip Maxi that is sold by several ABDL retailers. The “Active-Fit” version is plastic backed.


Known for their inexpensive and readily available Tranquility ATN nighttime diaper.


They were formerly known for being one of the few sellers of plastic-backed Abena diapers in the United States. But now they manufacture their own diapers of similar quality.