If you like getting into a babyish mindset, you might find appropriate clothes to be a big help.

Footed Pajamas

Also called Footed Sleepers or “Footies”, these are a classic among ABDLs and are ubiquitous at any sleepover. There are dozens of companies that make them thanks to their mainstream appeal. These are sometimes called “Onesies” but that’s really a different kind of clothing described below.

Snap-Crotch Onesies

These one-piece tops wrap around a diaper to hold it in place and look adorable while doing it. They can also be worn underneath clothing to keep diapers from peaking out above the waistband. There has been an explosion of stylish designs over the past few years.


These garments hark back to popular toddler clothing. They are available in denim, khaki, and other materials. Be careful to choose one with that fits your body type and style. Some brands are form-fitting while others are very roomy to accommodate underclothing.


While they aren’t clothing, pacifiers are a prominent role-playing accessory. Ones made for toddlers fit some adult mouths comfortably but adult-sized pacifiers work best.