What are the most absorbent diapers?

Diapers made for ABDLs have much higher capacities than run-of-the-mill adult incontinence briefs. How much can they hold and which diapers are the best value? ADISC has revamped their testing protocol and released a huge survey of diapers on the market. The winner is Crinklz which has the very highest capacity and at a reasonable price compared to the competition.

They also found that price and absorbency aren’t closely related which means some of the other brands are an unusually good deal as well.

Looks, fit, and feel also play an important role in choosing diapers. So there’s nothing wrong with choosing the “losing” brands in surveys like this. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life! If you want to dive into all the options, check out our direct links to every diaper manufacture.

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